Alor : Incredible underwater paradise, the best after Caribbean

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Map of Alor Island

Map of Alor Island


Alor Island , Eastern Indonesia is recognized as one of Asia’s top ten dive destinations and is heralded as one of the best in the world by all those who have dived there. Big fish, sharks, dolphins, Sunfish, Orcas or Killer Whales, and mantas are swim in family groups of up to a dozen.

” Diving or snorkeling with Sunfish is something that eludes most divers, even the seasoned ones. In Alor, Sunfish have not only been seen by you, while diving, at most of the 40 odd dive sites but now it has discovered the secret to snorkeling with them on a regular basis. ”

Even when compared to other marine parks in Indonesia such as Komodo Marine Park, Berau in East Kalimantan, Bunaken in North Sulawesi and Raja Ampat in Papua, Pantar Strait is still the best, though so far for diving, marine parks are more popular, but in the eyes of the world-class diver Pantar Strait marine park is located in Alor, East Nusa Tenggara Province, is superior because of its beauty is stunning. It is said that the most beautiful marine park after the Caribbean Islands.

Many foreign travelers who have been to Alor in awe. Because, besides spoiled beauty of the marine park, they also discovered the phenomenon of marine parks is rare and very interesting. Hence, if the natural marine tourism Alor underwater panorama destination IP in the Strait of Pantar be excellent and the teaser for the world-class diver from the United States, Australia, Austria, Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, and several countries in Asia .

There are 26 diving points charming tourists there. The 26 point dive it is, Half Moon Bay, Peter’s Prize, Crocodile Rook, Cave Point, The Edge, Coral Clitts, Baeylon, The Arch, fällt Line, The pacth, Nite Delht, Kal’s Dream, The Ball, Trip Top, The mlai Hall, No Man’s Land, The Chatedral, School’s Ut, and Shark Close.

One of the meritorious introduce fascinating underwater paradise is Kal Muller. He has written how the underwater beauty of Alor and call it a world-class marine park. In his two books entitled “Underwater Indonesia” and “East of Bali”, Karl Muller revealed that Alor has clean sea water, diverse marine life, and many points of diving can be enjoyed even at night. He seemed to expose it out so that opened the eyes of the world to flock to the wonders of the underwater Alor.



by : Travelmatekamu

by : Travelmatekam











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by : fotowisata











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